Java Image Browser Sorter

Java Image Browser Sorter

An Image Viewer and Utilities


Frequently Asked Questions

Why create JIBS?

It started as a way to learn Java a long, long time ago. Then it evolved to deal with whatever frustrations I had with other image viewers:
Some of these are not such a big deal with the current capabilities of Windows 7, but JIBS still has great sorting features.

How do I change the directories?

Select Tools > Settings... from the menu. The settings tab screen will allow you to change JIBS directories.

What is the Green Screen?

If Java can not understand the picture it is attempting to load, you get a green screen indicating that the file failed to load.

Can JIBS be used for a continous slide show when it starts?

Yes. SelectTools > Settings... from the menu.
  1. Select either (a) Start with Last Viewed Directory or (b) Start with View Directory and delect a View Directory.
  2. Select Start Full Screen (requires directory at start up).
  3. Select Start show immediately when going to full screen mode.
  4. Select Continous Loop.
  5. Adjust your Show Speed (milliseconds). 3,000 is recommended which will cause each slide to be shown for three seconds.
  6. If you want your picture to grow to fill the screen, select Blow Up and the set the Maximum Times the picture can be grown. The picture will not be grown larger than the screen.
The slide show readjusts the display list each time it cycles, so if you change the list externally (for example, by FTP), JIBS will reflect the changes.

JIBS shrinks my pictures in when sorting. Can I see the pictures full size?

Yes. Select View > No Resize.