Java Image Browser Sorter

Java Image Browser Sorter

An Image Viewer and Utilities




If anything really excites you, drop me a line at let me know! Nothing motivates me more than user feedback. Be sure to put JIBS in the subject line so I don't toss the email into the spam can!

To Do

  1. Add play list support. This will play sounds with each picture. XML playlist.
  2. Save JPEG EXIF information with the photos. (Sun was planning to add this to Java sometime in the distant future. Follow developments with bugs 4339386 and 4339463. I don't think this is in the hopper for the current open source JDK Oracle supports.)
  3. Allow EXIF commenting, if a library supporting that can be found.

Clean Up

  1. When using the optimizer, strain will not move the file if a file of the same name already exists in Park. It may be perferable to give the file a new name, like x_1.jpg. In the mean time, empty Park between strains.

Thinking About

  1. Add fuzzy image duplicate checking. Possibly use Eikon.
  2. Add box to show relative scale of picture to actual display.
  3. Ability to pick background colors.


  1. ImageroReader - Extracts EXIF info from JPEG and other image files.
  2. ZonaGeek - Might allow modification of EXIF data. (Sebastian Delmont)
  3. Extracting IPTC header information from JPEG images (Christian Tratz)